Build A Water Filter To Survive In The Wilderness

It is crucial to be able to know how to build and use a water filter. You need a stable supply of water to maintain yourself in a survival situation and without it you will dehydratate. Finding water is a skill by itself but then you still have to make it safe and secure for human ingestion.

Filtering Is Different From Purifying

Filtering water is a different skill from purifying water. Nevertheless, when the best water obtainable is actually muddy water, it is a fundamental skill that may save your life.

Filtering the water basically means eliminating all visible dirt and debris which will help make it more secure to drink. Harmful bacteria and microorganisms will still exist in the water but the filtering process will make it taste just a little better.

Remember: all water procured in a survival situation needs to be purified, with the exception of rainwater. Filtering is necessary but it is not enough. Bacteria, protozoa, bacteria and parasites that can make you sick are too small to be stopped by a simple filter. The simplest way to purify the water is to boil it  for at least one minute.

Making a Bottle Water Filter

In order to filter water, you need a container. A plastic bottle is appropriate. Cut off the base of the bottle and use the top as a funnel. To trap small debris and particles, put some cloth material into the funnel. Using a can will also do the job. For the water to be able to run through you will have to punch a number of holes into the bottom of the can with your pocket knife. Then it’s just a matter of letting the water drop through the holes.

A simpler technique is to place a piece of cloth over the container’s mouth. This filter should take away the larger particles.

Making a natural water filter

The natural world provides you all the material to build a water filter. For example, to build a container, create a cone from bark or other materials as leaves. Alternate pebbles and sand in multiple layers to make a filter, working from coarse to fine as you work your way down the container. At the bottom of the container, use non-poisonous grass, several pebbles, or a piece of cotton cloth to stop the sand from pouring through. Wrap the bottom of the container together with a rope to hold the filter together.

Slowly pour your collected water into the cone. As the water drips out of the filter gather it in another container. Repeat this process until the water flows crystal clear. The slower the water falls the better.

Remember:  knowing how to build and use a  filter is a vital survival skill. Prepare yourself: build several water filter before you need one!

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