modern fire triangle

Firecraft: The Fire Triangle

The Modern Fire Triangle

Three elements are all essential both to start and maintain fires: Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel. The secret is to obtain the right balance between the three.

HEAT is the usual method to start a fire. You can generate it from a spark, a chemical reaction, pressure or by friction.

To be able to create the fire, we add the heat to a FUEL. As soon as the fire begins, the heat coming from flames maintains it, and results in additional fuel to catch fire and burn. As the fire starts, you require more fuel. Begin with tiny, dry pieces that will produce sufficiently heat to then burn increasingly larger pieces.

OXYGEN is necessary to induce combustion. Eliminating oxygen is the normal method in which people extinguish fires, for example with water as well as covering them with dirt or snow. This action reduces the provision of oxygen, smothering the fire . Without having oxygen the fire dies.

If you smother the fire using an excessive amount of wood, oxygen won’t reach the flame. Should the fire dying, fan it with paper or your hands to develop a draught that feeds oxygen to it. The most economical way to provide the proper amount of oxygen to the fire is constructing a fire structure.

The Original Fire Triangle

With primitive fire skills, you will find a different 3 key components that are important as the ones in the “scientific” fire triangle: Competence, Materials, and Power.

Normally, whenever you’re making fire employing a primitive technique, all these 3 factors are well-balanced. On the other hand, if any of these is lessened, then the other factors needs to be amplified.

To provide an example, imagine you are attempting to produce a bow drill fire using poor wood. It’s still possible to achieve it, however your technique and power have to be raised.

Or perhaps, imagine you aren’t feeling particularly full of energy one day and thus have much less power than normal. In case your materials are of higher quality and you’ve got an improved level of skill, you should able to get a fire starting.

An additional situation: let’s suppose you’ve very little technique, having never ever produced fire using a bow drill in the past. Nicely, if your materials are of excellent quality, and you’ve energy, you’ll still be able to generate fire. Or maybe, if you haven’t very much strength either, and yet your materials are actually of extraordinary quality, then you can get fire. And etc ..

And lastly, assuming you have any 2 of the 3 factors, but you are definitely missing the 3rd, it might be next to hopeless ignite a fire.

To provide an example, in case you are highly trained in a specific fire-making technique, and also have plenty of strength power, but you don’t have any resources or incredibly bad resources (perhaps just water-soaked wood is accessible): building a fire is going to be unachievable or almost so.

Connecting To The Modern Fire Triangle

So keep in mind: you’ve to practice to acquire skills and competencies, you’ve to study to discover the most effective materials and finally you need to train to obtain strength. Then you’ll be able to apply strength and skill on the materials to generate heat and start a fire. Mother Earth will aid you by blowing the right amount of oxygen.

This way, you’ll be able to connect the original fire triangle to the modern one.


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