The Horace Strategy

When someone is looking for you and you don’t want them to find you, it’s called escape and evade.

They’ll do whatever they can to find you – using their senses. However, become a part of the environment – invisible and silence – and they won’t be able to sense you out at all. If you confuse them, they won’t be able to think. Do whatever you can to weaken their bodies and the one thing that’ll work for them is their emotions. Once that happens, you got total control over them.

Speed and Stealth: Good But Not The Only Things You Need To Escape and Evade

Here’s what you need to understand: stealth… it can be a real friend when you need it. Speed… it’s what you need for emergencies. Most people are under the mistaken impression that escape and evade means just putting distance between you and the people after you. The reality is… it’s wrong!

When it comes to the life and death game, both speed and stealth are comparative. Remember, it’s you against them and vice versa. When the chance first starts, speed is going to be your key advantage. After all, they don’t get a moment to get organized when they need to chase you right off the bat.

Scared or not, the better your lead time, the better it is for you. Of course, it’s not just about you running quicker than them; it’s about them running slower. Take one person out of the “running” and the rest of the folks slow down. When they first begin chasing you – with many people, dogs and weapons – they will continue the chase. But, the moment one becomes injured or dies, the others will falter and begin thinking, “maybe this isn’t such a good idea”.

The last thing you need to do is panic! Panic and you lose the talent to plan. Do this and you’ll be caught for sure! You must know, if you are to succeed, what kind of power you enemy has and have a contingency for every possibility. Evaluate the position and plan around those facts.

3 Things To Remember When Escaping and Evading

1 – You should never make a move that demands some type of strength or weapon…especially if you don’t have it. You do want them to do overdo it – to run scared and to overextend themselves. Wear them out and they’ll end up making a mistake that’ll work in your favor!
2 – Be aware of your physical state and how you maintain yourself when you escape.
3 – And, most of all, don’t just rely on distance. While good, it will only help you when you do the other things along with it.

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