Sandro Ponticelli

Sandro Ponticelli is a husband and father of two children. He is located in Italy but has traveled 3 continents and met and married his wife while in Africa.

He works as a software developer but has developed a strong connection with nature and feels a need for a simpler life in this modern world. He has been an avid outdoorsman for his entire life, but delved deeper into outdoor skills 5 years ago when he started to research, study and practice survival skills, primitive crafts and herbalism in a more structured and rational way.

As Sandro journeyed deeper into nature, he learned skills about surviving and understanding our ancestors’ way of life while experiencing their connection to the earth firsthand. He learned skills of camouflage, concealment and movement to track animals in the wilderness.

In these 5 years, he has filled several notebooks with his training experiences and observations. A year ago, he put the information in his notebooks online for others to share in the knowledge and experience he had gained.

Currently, Sandro writes posts two times per week for primalkb.com. On Tuesdays, he posts on bushcraft, survival skills and primitive skills. Then on Fridays, he publishes a post on edible or medicinal plants.

You can also keep up with Sandro on Twitter (@primalkb). His account is new and he tweets daily survival tips for his followers.

contact: info@primalkb.com


primalKB actually stands for primitive knowledge base. It is an apt name for the website since it is a virtual knowledge base for all things primitive.

If you’re wondering about the logo, Sandro selected it due to the strong symbolism of the raven. The raven has been the subject of many stories, lore and myths throughout the ages and represents the mystery of the wilderness.

What makes primalKB.com stand out from the other survival websites is its emphasis on continuous training.

Sandro provides the stimulation to keep his readers motivated. Survival outdoors is all about staying sharp. He is passionate about wilderness skills and feels that everyone can learn them due to our heritage as hunters and gatherers. As he puts it, “I just give directions to wake up our DNA and live a meaningful and closer contact with the earth.” Anyone who has every gone out into nature even for a short hike can relate to the awakening that one experiences. He continues, “I learned these skills the hard way, making a lot of mistakes; I think that everybody is responsible for learning, a good teacher can give hints and tips to make the learning experience smooth and fluid but he can’t provide experience.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to primalKB.com is that Sandro has broken down 5 years of learning and skills into manageable sections. He understands that modern life is busy and everyone can’t devote their entire lives to learning primitive skills. And he’s not asking anyone to do that either. He simply provides the information in a way that is quick and easy to digest. You can then take those skills out into the wilderness to master on your own.

New to the site? Please take some time to read through and learn something new. Anyone can learn these skills as they date back to our ancestors. This website is an invitation to learn from Sandro and then go out into the wilderness to learn by experience.

contact: info@primalkb.com

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