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How To Heighten Your Sense of Touch.

Senses are what keep people in tune with their environment and their body. Sight, hearing, smell, sound and touch are all extremely important for getting by on a daily basis. When these are heightened, you learn new things and explore the world in a brand new way.

Touch is one of the most important senses that people have. Learning how to heighten this sense can sharpen the mind, create new experiences and make life a whole new journey.

It is said that individuals who are blind have the best senses, but some people that aren’t blind naturally have these. This results in them having a difficult time being around certain sounds, scents and even materials. If you want to heighten your sense of touch, it can make you a lot more aware of what is around you. Just keep in mind that some things might not be the same as they were before. For example, the touch of velvet might be unbearable after you heighten your senses. It can still be a lot of fun and a great way to be in tune with your body.

What exercises can you practice?

One of the easiest things you can do is actually watch yourself touch things. This means simply touching various objects and taking in how they feel. Watching the hand touching different materials creates new memories of what they are like and will heighten the sense.

When you are out for a walk or going shopping, touch things! Even if you’re buying clothes, touch those. There are a lot of different materials used in clothes and they all feel different. Instead of just simply looking around at what you can see, touch it all. You might be surprised by the feel of different textures that you thought felt a certain way. It’s worth it to write down what you felt so you can reference back to the feelings at another time.


Another thing you can do is get massages on a regular basis. This actually helps your body become a lot more sensitive. While you are getting a massage you will be in tune with different parts of your body and how they feel when they are being touched. You will also see how different pressure points feel when they are pressed.

Touch things with other parts of your body. This will create new sensitivities and really heighten your sense of touch. For example, you could touch a silk sheet with your hands and then with your feet. There are a lot of different things you can touch, feel and completely immerse yourself in. Have fun with this and learn how different parts of your body respond to different feelings.


Individuals who are blind generally have all of their senses heightened because they can’t rely on their sight any longer. This includes the sense of touch, especially for individuals who read braille. If you want to try and replicate this, close your eyes when you are touching different things. Of course this doesn’t mean you should try walking around town while you can’t see. Walking around your house while closing your eyes is a great alternative and can make you a lot more aware of how things feel.

Learning how to read braille is one of the last ways to increase sensitivity for touch. Braille is a form of reading and writing that is used for those who cannot see. Most people who are blind are able to learn how to do this pretty quickly. This isn’t where people trace words with their fingers, like some people think. Those who use brail actually touch cells that have embossed rows on them. Each of the different cells represents a letter.