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Awareness: The Cause and Effect Web

Practically nothing can move without influencing everything else. Nature is similar to a spider web. When a bug falls into the web, there is an instantaneous vibration that lures the resident spider to his victim. Spiders can understand these waves so well that they can distinguish vibrations produced by their prey from vibrations generated by a leaf.

Nature features its own web vibrations. You need to recognize and know how to interpret these vibrations to keep yourself alive. Vibrations can let you know what is taking place, even if it’s out of the range of sight and sound.

If you enable yourself to be able to read vibrations, you will have not just an advantage in a survival situation, but also a better understanding of the interconnected nature of all things. You will experience a deep, strong and growing awareness that will enable you to travel far away without moving.

As Lao Tzu said: “One may know the world without going out of doors“.

Understanding vibrations isn’t as simple as it may appear because you aren’t studying a quiet and sticky web, but a living, always transforming and multidimensional web.
There is a regular beat in each environment that varies with the time of day, the weather conditions, and other factors.

Your first move is to discover this baseline rhythm. The moment the rhythm is recognized, you’ll notice any disruption in the form of a distinct vibration. This anomalous disturbance may occur as a louder, or quieter, vibration; any minimal change means something.
Whenever a change happens, go quietly over to observe what has generated the perturbation and from what distance the vibrations can be detected. While moving, make an effort to not produce a vibration that interferes with what is going on.

The more you train, the more will be the prizes of understanding what is happening far, far away.

A final note: don’t try to verbalize or describe the single vibration, but instead try to discern the overall pattern. See the chain through the links.

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