How to Improve your Hearing Ability

English: Ear. Good for hearing.
English: Ear. Good for hearing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hearing is one of the most important body senses. It helps you to perceive messages in audio form by detecting air vibrations. However, this ability may gradually diminish as a result of several factors. In this write-up, we’re going to understand various ways on how to heighten the hearing sense.

Ear Exercises

The following exercises will help heighten your hearing ability.

Noise Filtering Exercises

When exposed to different sources of noise, our ears can manage to select the kind of noise they want to hear by ignoring the rest. The following noise filtering technique will be in a position to help improve your hearing capability. To start with, you need a radio. Switch it on to play your favorite music at a moderate volume. Simultaneously, strike a conversation with your friend. Though the music from you radio may disrupt your conversation, don’t let your friend shout in order for you to hear. Now, take a second radio and tune it to a different radio station. Continue talking to your friend without necessarily straining. Continue adding more radios depending on your level of comfort. You’ll realize that as time goes by, you’ll be in a position to adapt to the surrounding noise and gradually start grasping what your friend is telling you comfortably.

Source and Noise Location Exercise

There are two things that you can achieve with this exercise. First and foremost, you’ll be in a position to heighten your hearing capability and secondly you’ll be able to locate different sources of sound. For this exercise, it’s necessary to have a source of noise e.g a horn. You can then practice this technique outdoors or inside a large room. Stand at about 5 meters from your friend and then close your eyes. Let your friend honk the horn severally and then try to locate the exact direction of the sound. In simple words, you should try to point where your friend is standing. You’ll find out that the more you practice, the more your hearing capability will improve and soon you’ll be in a position to locate the exact source of the noise without straining.

Phase Inversion

Phase inversion is a tactic of “trickling” the brain in an attempt to cancel the constant ringing sounds that may disrupt hearing in some individuals. Basically, phase inversion is done by qualified ENT specialists who work towards discovering the pitches of the ringing sounds on each ear. After that, the doctor can then play similar pitches at different degrees using a listening device on the patient’s ears. Over time, your brain will become accustomed to different ringing sounds thus cancelling out the ringing tinnitus. With regular application of this tactic, one’s hearing capability is constantly restored and heightened.

Other Techniques


Constant build up of wax in your ears can greatly impair your hearing ability. It is therefore very important to uphold good personal hygiene by regularly cleaning up your ears using an ear bud or a mixture of olive oil and hydrogen peroxide (for huge chunks of wax). On the same note, it is very important to consult your doctor in order to ascertain whether the accumulation of wax is the actual factor behind your impaired hearing ability.

Avoid Loud Noise

This is actually one of the basic precautionary measures that one should take in improving their hearing capability. Loud noise assaults your eardrum thus impairing your hearing ability. Ordinarily, an eardrum is not designed to handle high amounts of noise and thus you should wear hearing protection devices as a cautionary measure in case you’re in a noisy environment. You should also avoid using headphones on regular basis.

Vitamin Supplements

Nutritional deficiency is yet another factor that can greatly ruin your ability to hear. A healthy diet avails the necessary nutrients to the body thus helping you sustain your hearing capability for longer as you age. Some of the most important vitamin supplements that you should opt for in order to heighten your hearing senses are vitamins C and E. Good nutrition contains the necessary anti-oxidant elements that help in getting rid of free radicals thus protecting your ears from age related problems.


A good hearing ability is a combination of healthy living, personal hygiene and various hearing exercises. It is thus important for you to uphold the advice offered in this article in order to heighten your hearing sense.

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