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Twenty Ways to Use a Plastic Bag

After going shopping, you probably have loads of plastic bags that you do not know what to do with. Some of you would throw the bags away and some of you would store them because you have nothing else to do with them. Instead of throwing the bags away and leaving them lying around, then try using them for something useful. Here are 20 ways you can use a polythene bag.

1. Plastic bags are inexpensive and are great for packaging items safely and securely.

2. When you are crushing food, such as biscuits, put that item in a plastic bag so it catches the crumbs.

3. If you feel like being creative, then try making a kite or a toy parachute out of polythene bags.

4. It can be used as a bin bag and it is good for collecting fruit and vegetable peelings.

5. If you take your lunch to school or work, then you can take it in a plastic bag.

6. You can take the bags with you when you go shopping and you can reuse them instead of having to use new ones.

7. If you have a protective cast for any reason, then a plastic bag can stop it from getting wet when you have a shower or a bath.

8. They can be used a disposable gloves when you a dealing with unpleasant items.

9. Keep some in the car to store wet and muddy shoes and clothes to stop your car getting dirty. You can also use them to store a wet umbrella.

10. Another reason to keep them in the car is so they can be used as sick bags if necessary.

11. When you are traveling, put any liquid items, such as perfume, shampoo and toothpaste, in a plastic bag to stop any of them leaking over clothes.

12. You can just use them generally to store items.

13. If you have a cat, then you can place them in the bottom of a cat litter tray so it is easy for you to clean up quickly.

14. You can use polythene bags to store leaky bottles or jars in order to save the mess in your cupboards.

15. They can potentially be used as a cheap way to insulate your home.

16. Place your shoes in a plastic bag when they’re in a suitcase to prevent your clothes from smelling.

17. You can also use a plastic bag as a laundry bag so your clean and dirty washing is separated.

18. Lay them down on the floor when you are painting or decorating so they catch any bits of paint or other materials.

19. You can cover clothing items in your wardrobe to prevent them getting dusty.

20. If your pillows are feeling flat, then you can use polythene bags to pad them out.

In a way, this is your own type of recycling because you are reusing the bags instead of throwing them away.