Achieving a Greener Home

5 Tips for Achieving a Greener Home

More and more of us are considering the ways we can make our home a little more environmentally friendly, from big changes to little alterations in what we buy and who we buy them from. If you are trying to make your home a greener place, you may feel a little overwhelmed with where to start. With this in mind, start by reading through these 5 tips and you will soon be on your way to eco-friendly living!

Research your Cleaning Products

Some of the biggest household brands are far from environmentally friendly and on top of this are also tested on animals. Take your first step towards a greener home by looking into ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives; Ecover do a fantastic range of cleaning products from washing up liquid to laundry powder but there are plenty of other ranges that you could try.

Apply for a Water Saving Kit

Many companies now offer free water saving kits that not only help to conserve water but can also reduce your water bills for those on a meter. The kits can be applied for online and include all kinds of interesting contraptions such as tap inserts that save 70% of the water that normally flows out of the tap, a shower adaptor and a shower timer. Some companies even offer a free fitting service so you can save water without lifting a finger!

Read up on Recycling

Most homes will now have a recycling bin or box outside the front of their home that is collected on a regular basis, but do you really know what you can and can’t put in them? Different areas have different rules so it’s worth checking with your local council. Many new bins now come with a magnet that can be stuck to the fridge outlining everything that can be recycled as a handy reminder. Some flats now receive special bags to put their recycling in, so why not purchase a secondary kitchen bin to make it as easy as possible to separate waste from recycling?

Solar Energy

There is no denying that the installation of solar panels and heat pumps is an expensive job, but there are ways you can get a little help with going green in this way. Government funding is in place in the form of the Feed in Tariff which gives homeowners generating energy through solar panels regular cash payments for their efforts. To get an idea of pricing, there are comparison sites for solar companies set up to help you find the best deal.

Teach the Family

It’s all well and good putting effort into making your home a greener place, but if the rest of the household are not following suit your hard work could be in vain. Take the time to discuss the changes you are trying to make with your partner, children or housemates and explain why it’s so important to make them. With children, perhaps consider a reward system for their efforts such as a star chart to help them really embrace the changes.

From applying for a free water saving kit to installing solar panels, no change is too big or small so start with some of these tips and feel great about doing your bit for the environment!

Sophie has recently set up Greenkind and tries her best to keep her home as green as possible, helping others to do the same by offering advice and information on the website.

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