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Avoiding Survival Mistakes

When it comes to survival skills, the smallest of mistakes could have a huge impact on your ability to stay safe. However, there are a few things which can help to avoid making such mistakes, and will ensure that your survival skills are as effective as possible.

If you find your survival skills being put to the test unexpectedly, then the natural reaction can be to panic. However, this is often the worst thing you can do, as you need to be thinking as clearly as possible in such situations. You might not be able to simply google ‘survival techniques’ whilst checking your facebook page and playing cheeky bingo, but if you have done your research, then you will already be well prepared. You simply need to keep a clear head, and remember all the skills which you have learnt. Often, people panic the most when it comes to putting up a shelter, and tend to rush the process. In actual fact, it is worth spending extra time making sure that your shelter is safe and secure, and unlikely to collapse without warning.

If you are keen to return home, then don’t make the mistake of refusing to stop searching for the right route back. If you are lost, it is usually far safer to stop before nightfall and step up camp, even if you’re almost certain that you do not have far to go. After all, being out in the wilderness can be more dangerous after dark, but even more so if you have not organised a place to stay for the night. If you are travelling as a group, then never split up in order to try to find help more quickly. It is always much safer to stick together, and make sure that all members of your party stay safe.

Always learn a skill before you need it: practice, practice, practice!