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Surviving Car Accidents: Escaping from a Car that’s Hanging off a Cliff and other Tips

While no one can deny that having a car accident is a dangerous and serious matter, there are a few accidents out there that make you stop your head and wonder how on earth a person would manage to have a crash like that. Regardless of how impossible some accidents may seem, it is always good to be prepared for any situation. So, just in case you find yourself dangling off a cliff or stuck in a cow pasture, check out the following tips to prepare for just about anything that might come your way.

Double Car Garage Parking – Take a look at this video. About 17 seconds in you will see a unique version of double car garage parking: one right on top of the other. Of course, the garage and the vehicles are all a little worse for the wear. So how to get out of this one? Most likely it will be pretty easy to actually get out of the vehicle, but if the car on bottom happens to be your wife’s it may not be the wreck you will need to survive. Try finding a mechanic who will back up your claim that the accelerator stuck. It’s worth a try!


Dangling on a Cliff

Often, if a car misses a turn and ends up going off a cliff, it does not stop until it hits the bottom as it tumbles down the rocks.  However, there is the rare chance that your vehicle just might catch on something, or come to a teetering stop over the ledge with one wheel suspended in space. Don’t think it really happens? Check out about 32 seconds into the same video mentioned above: this driver was saved by his boat. Still, it had to have provided an adrenaline rush. A key tip for any kind of cliff-hanging experience is to make your movements slowly, cautiously, and deliberately. Keep in mind that the slightest shift in weight could dislodge your vehicle from its resting place. It is always good to have some rock climbing equipment on your passenger seat  in case you want to try driving over a cliff.

Nose in the Building

Check out the third image down on this page: it is the classic put the nose of your car through a wall. The tip for this one is pretty complicated: never mix up the accelerator with the brake. If you do find yourself in the same situation as the driver of this Mini Cooper probably the best survival tips you will need could be found in Saving Face 101, if there is such a thing.

Cow Pasture Wreck

No image for this one, but see if you can create the image in your mind: you miss the curve and bust through Farmer Joe’s barbed wire fence. Although damage to your vehicle is minimal, and there are no sustained injuries, surviving this accident is going to take some cunning: Farmer Joe’s bull is on his way over for a visit. Your best chance? Find something red in your car, preferably larger than a gum wrapper. Open a window on the opposite side of the car, place your red object outside and roll the window back up to secure it. While the bull is distracted by this sudden menacing display you have bought yourself a few moments to make your escape

Jon Reiter is a marketing agent for the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, an experienced Denver car accident lawyer.