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Ayurvedic Home Remedies - The Ultimate Organic Solution

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: The Ultimate Organic Solution

The increasing numbers of ailments have led to the advent of Ayurvedic home remedies. These remedies strive to provide a natural way of curing these ailments. Ayurveda is basically word from Sanskrit origin. It stands for “Ayus” that is life and “veda” that stands for science. Hence, Ayurveda is nothing but Science of life or rather way of living a healthy life.

Ayurveda is an organic way of treating the mind as well as the body. Our mind has great influence over the body. For a body to function properly, the body needs to build a healthy metabolic system along with proper digestive system. This state of body can be achieved by regular exercise along with yoga and meditation and nutritious diet. The divinity of life can be reached by improving physically as we as psychologically.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies - The Ultimate Organic SolutionTo start with the wide application of the Ayurvedic home remedies let’s consider the acne problem that most of us have faced while growing up. Acne, blackheads tend to grow time to time. The best Ayurvedic solution for this problem is having non spicy food along with tea intake. By shifting to plain food, the body gets detoxified as a result the body gets cleaned internally.

Another common ailment that we might suffer from time to time is cough. Ayurveda offers cough liquid syrup which is available online. The syrup provides relaxation of throat internal swelling. Kapha is another medicine available that increases immunity level of lungs and facilitates relieving breathing.

With the increasing work load in offices we tend to neglect our health. This leads to improper food intake and also untimely food intake which causes obesity. One of the major reasons for obesity is improper functioning of digestive system. The metabolic rate of obese people is inadequate; as a result there is constant weight gain. To reduce weight one should increase intake of fruits like papaya, pineapples and mangoes. Adding ginger in regular vegetables would also be effective. Other approaches to reduce weight would be drinking tea, sipping hot water. One of the other habits you need to develop is, most of us due to shortage of ample time, tend to swallow our food rather than nibbling the food. This bad habit lets huge chunks of food enter your body. Your stomach has to take much more efforts to digest this food. Chewing food adequate times would help in proper digestion and would solve of excessive weight gain. Also following certain yoga techniques in regular exercise regime would help to improve metabolic rate.

Ayurveda offers various remedies to hair loss problems too. Some of the people suffer with dry and itchy scalps leads to dandruff. Some of the natural ailments like hibiscus petals can be added in hair oil to provide the nourishment. You can take your own cautious steps by not using over heated water on head as it leads to dry hair and scalp.

With so many in hand techniques to take care the Ayurvedic way, well get started and boost your health the organic way!

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Health Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of a native Australian plant. The reason for it’s name is that for generations before Westeners arrived the local aboriginal peoples were using the plant as an alternative to tea, where they found that the infusion produced was helpful for soothing sore throats and colds.

Like so many “herbal remedies”, studies have indeed found medically-relevant benefits to using tea tree oil – most notably it’s ability to fight micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Infact, the anti-septic nature of the oil perfectly explains how it was able to help sore throats by not only providing a gentle soothing to the afflicted area but also in killing the bateria that were causing the problem in the first place.

These days tea tree oil is most commonly bought bottled rather than in plant form and is generally applied externally. Bearing in mind the nature of the oil, and it’s proven effects, tea tree oil can be beneficial in many health problems caused by microbes.

One perfect example is in the fight against fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworm where regular topical application of the oil can fight the spread of the infection as well as rapidly bringing the overall effects to an end.

Tea tree oil has also been used for generations to clean wounds. In the case of scrapes and cuts, whilst the oil may sting a little, it’s been shown to kill of any micro-organisms that have gained entry. In this way teat tree may well prevent infection as well as speed up healing.

Twice-daily application of tea tree oil is a common and effective solution to acne and juvenile zits. Whilst it is unlikely to eliminate the problem all together, as part of your skin-care regime it can assist in soothing the skin, removing dirt from pores and, most importantly of all, reducing the inflammation that causes spots in the first place making for clearer and more comfortable skin.

Warts are caused by an infection of the HPV virus and in some cases it appears that the anti-septic properties of tea tree may help in killing off the virus and encouraging the now unwanted wart to drop off. The general advice on how to remove warts with tea tree oil is to apply a decent volume of the thick oil at night, before covering the area with a bandaid or bandage in order to prevent it drying out. Over a few weeks of treatment many people see significant improvements in the size and number of their warts.

Lastly it’s worth mentioning that the strong eucalyptus smell of the tea tree oil can he helpful for relieving the congestion experienced with colds and flu. By dabbing a little of the oil on a handkerchief or the pillow, or adding it to boiling water and inhaling the fumes, most people find their nose clears rapidly and they are able to breathe normally for a period of time.


This article was submitted by Richard Adams who writes extensively about wart control solutions and cryotherapy.