Keeping Alive During an Apocalypse

Keeping Alive at Home During an Apocalypse

This is a guide to keeping yourself alive and kicking when you’re facing an emergency of any kind – whether that’s storms, flooding, disease or simply the end of the world, which is apparently approaching us on the 21st December 2012.

It’s best that you get yourself prepared and ready for anything! 2012 was predicted to be a year of turmoil, which it has certainly been so far with hurricane Sandy battering New York, and plenty of earthly disturbances across the globe.
1. Radio. The most important factor when facing an emergency is to keep yourself informed throughout – so that means keeping up with updates on the radio at the very least. Therefore one of the biggest aspects in a life threatening situation is power outages, which threaten your ability to stay warm, cook food and stay in touch with goings on outside. So you need to think through all the things that are important to your survival that rely on electricity, and ensure you’re prepared.

e, weeks in advance you should ensure you have a good supply of batteries to power a radio. If you can possibly invest in a wind-up radio, that would also be very beneficial and means you never have to worry about running out of battery power.

2. Heat. Keeping warm will be paramount too, so you should consider investing in a safe wood burner that you can use indoors. If you have a garage, you can start stock piling wood so that you have a good supply to keep you warm. Blankets, duvets, sleeping bags, cardigans and woollen clothing should be in abundance.

3. Food and Drink. It probably doesn’t need to be said that you should have a strong stockpile of food. You will also need to either buy water bottles or start filling sterilised bottles with tap water in advance of an emergency situation. This is in case water supplies are affected. Tinned food is probably the most convenient food stuff to have at hand and keep stockpiled. Food in tins is usually ready to eat, in case you do not have any means of heating the food. It’s best to build up your food resources gradually over months and even years, to make sure you have enough to last months if need be. Have two or three tin openers handy as well – just in case one breaks.

4. Books & Games. Part of surviving a catastrophe is ensuring you stay occupied and engaged – so having plenty of books to read for example will keep your mind from getting too bored and will keep up moral. Packs of cards and a decent range of board games are excellent, and especially good if you have more than two people in the household.


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