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5 Great Camping Videos On YouTube

Camping is an extremely popular activity enjoyed by many across the globe. Surrounded by nature’s vibrant beauty amidst a peaceful, restful ambience, it is no surprise that so many people have fallen in love with this activity. Here are 5 great camping videos on YouTube which provide beginners and advanced campers alike with fantastic tips and showcase the beauty of the outdoors.


1- Keeping Warm at Night

For campers ready to venture deep into the wilderness, this video provides great tips on keeping warm. There is nothing worse than shivering throughout the night, desperately craving the comforts of home. This video will prepare campers for their outdoor experience, ensuring that they stay warm, dry and comfortable whilst camping. From tucking trousers into socks to wearing a woolly hat, these basic tips are essential for campers wanting to keep cosy. Also supplying viewers with handy little tricks, such as laying leaves under the mattress for extra comfort, this video is a must for those ready to brave the unknown!

2-  Family Camping

Families wanting to try out camping for the first time should definitely watch YouTube’s Family Camping clip. Informing beginners on the in’s and out’s of camping, this video shows parents exactly what to think about when planning a family camping trip. From buying a tent with a single large sleeping compartment (so that the whole family can sleep together), to looking at what facilities campsites offer, this video breaks down the basics of braving it under canvas. Less than six minutes long, viewers will be left with a much better idea of what camping consists of after watching this short, direct video.


3-  The Beginners Guide to camping

Told in a comedic fashion, this light-hearted camping video provides beginners with a few, simple tips. With information on how to set up a tent and even create a fire The Beginners Guide to Camping is perfect for those ready to depart on their first camping experience. Addressing essential issues such as who will make each meal, this video gets a camper thinking about every single detail so that they are well and truly prepared for their holiday.

4-  Camping in Comfort

Providing advanced camping tips, this video is ideal for regular and experienced campers. For those familiar with life in the bush, this video dives into greater detail, such as pointing viewers towards the best forms of insulation whilst camping. From using real fur to taking a carry mat, many options of to stay insulated are discussed. The video then goes on to discuss the best fabrics and materials that can be used to ensure campers stay warm and dry, day and night. Filmed from his tent, narrator Andrew Price shows great knowledge and insight into the camping life.



Filmed by a first-hand camper, this video shows viewers exactly what the camping lifestyle is like. From showing viewers his means of drinking water to providing tips on how to make a fire, this video allows ambitious campers to get a great feel for this outdoor activity. Visually showing viewers the intense beauty of nature that surrounds the camping life, the video radiates an exciting and adventurous ambience, which is felt by the viewer. A great video to watch, this short, YouTube clip will have campers feeling ready and excited in a matter of minutes.


These five, great camping videos on YouTube, provide campers with both basic and advanced tips. From learning how to get a fire started in the wilderness to supplying tips on camping with children, these videos are great for campers of all abilities. After watching these videos, campers will be prepared and ready to enjoy their camping experience!


An article by Maria Hubbard, a keen outdoor blog writer and travel enthusiast. Maria enjoys travelling, camping and hiking and writes on behalf of Outdoor World Direct, a specialist camping website who have many different tents for sale including those from Vango.

Image Credits:  AlphaTangoBravo/Adam Baker and Britanglishman

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