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Around the world without flying

My friend and colleague Federico Cicchi is completing preparations for making his dream a reality: travel around the world in slow motion. He’ll use all means of transport but the airplane, giving back space and time the value and importance they deserve.
His trip is organized in three steps.


  1. He’ll arrive in Brazil with a cargo ship and then he’ll cross America from Cape Horn to Alaska, riding a 50cc motorbike. This journey’ll set a new Guinness World Record.
  2. From Alaska, he will cross the whole Canada reaching New York and then Chicago. From Chicago he’ll follow the mythical route 66 to Los Angeles.
  3. He’ll sail the Pacific with another cargo ship reaching New Zealand and Australia. From there, he’ll move north to take Trans-Siberian Railway in Mongolia to return in Europe


You can follow his adventure on his site: WithoutFlying.