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Eight Benefits of Sunshine

All things in nature thrive when given proper amounts of sunshine. It is estimated that we spend 90% of our time indoors out of the heat and sunshine during the summer months. Just like plants wither up and die without sunshine, we do too. We need sunshine to regulate our moods, lower stress levels, help us sleep, and over all just help us to be healthier people.

  1. Boosts the immune system, aides in weight loss, and speeds up the metabolism.
  2. Lowers stress levels. Chances are that you know already that stress is hard on you, both physically and mentally. Sunshine is one way to lower your stress levels and provide a multitude of other health benefits. If you are feeling stressed about life, try going outside and just laying down in the sunshine, going for a walk or working outside.
  3. Increases your levels of deep sleep at night. Spending time outside during the day in the sunshine can help your brain figure out when it needs to sleep and when it should wake up. Getting your schedule figured out can help you sleep better at night. Also if you are doing active things outside during the day you are much more likely to sleep well at night.
  4. Increases bone, muscle and heart strength. If you struggle with a heart condition or poor bone health you should spend a lot of time outdoors soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. It can transform your life.
  5. Reduces your chances of developing cancer. Now this one can go both ways, if you get sunburned badly you almost double your chances of getting skin cancer, but if you can manage to spend time outside and not get burned you lower your risks.
  6. Lowers your chance of developing Type 2 diabetes. Not only are you more likely to be doing some kind of physical exercise when you are outside enjoying the sunshine, but you also lower your risks by increasing your levels of vitamin D.
  7. It help alleviate depression. Sunshine is natural mood booster and can help eliminate symptoms of depression such as sleepiness, sadness, and irritability.
  8. Can help with acne or other skin problems. Sunshine helps the skin to heal naturally and is recommended for any type of skin outbreaks or rashes.

Now that you have read that list, doesn’t it make you want to run outside and soak up some rays? Go ahead, take a break from your busy life for 15 minutes and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.


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